Providing Local Representation to Out-of-State Motorists

As summer fast approaches, many see this time of year as an opportunity to escape the cold weather being suffered in the northern states, squeeze in a vacation, or are burdened with traveling for work as business begins to increase. Unfortunately, this also means that our state highways and interstates are packed with such travelers. Increased traffic plus high speeds can often lead to disastrous results. The coastal region of Georgia in not only unique in that it attracts a healthy portion of those travelers, but it is also home to a stretch of interstate 95 that has unfortunately earned a reputation for high speeds and tragic accidents.

Often those accidents involve out-of-state motorists who now find themselves injured and away from their home venue. This feeling can be quite uncomfortable, leaving some feeling helpless and questioning what they can possibly do to be made whole again. Fortunately, the laws of the state of Georgia provide that an injured party can seek to bring a claim in the venue in which they were injured. However, an injured party is unlikely to be familiar with some of the local customs, laws, and surroundings areas. Seeking out local representation is beneficial because more often than not, the majority of witnesses, medical providers, critical evidence, and possible parties involved in the accident are located in that venue.

This is where our firm can help. We pride ourselves in not only providing excellent legal representation to our local community, but also representing out-of-state parties injured locally. We seek to provide representation that allows you to return to your regular life at home, while we take care of your interests here in Georgia.

If you are involved in an accident in Georgia, but are unsure how your out-of-state residency effects your case, please give us a call.


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