Golden Isles Recalled Products and Warnings

GI Recalls

Every week I will post a list of recalls and important warnings that our community needs to know about. The list will provide a link for additional information about each recall/warning. I highly recommend that you review the list to make sure that you or a family member are not taking/using the effected product.

The list will mainly include products/drugs effecting our children and our families.

Give me a call or message me If you have any questions about any of the products listed. No charge for the call!


November 6th, 2015

More VW recalls. Loss of power brakes due to cam shaft issues. Models effected:






May 27, 2015 Relevant Recalls/Warnings

1. Viking and Brigade Brand Gas Ranges  – can turn on by themselves when liquid drips from the stove top into the oven, posing a burn hazard to consumer.

More Info:

2. Takata airbag expanded (again) to include Subaru Baja, Legacy, and Outback.

More Info:

3. So you’ve got a car, stroller, or food item recalled – what do you do next?

More info:

4. Kenmore ranges recalled – burner flame on about 250 Kenmore Elite dual fuel ranges can go out while the gas is turned on, allowing gas to continue escaping.

More Info:

5. Ikea recalls baby gates – gates can fail to stay in place creating fall hazards for children.

More info:

6. Ford issues recall of 400,000 vehicles – effected models are 2011-2012 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ; 2011-2013 Taurus, Flex, Lincoln MKS and MKT; and 2011 Mercury Milan. Recalls center around potential loss of electrical power steering while driving.

More Info:

7. Gerber Cohort knife recall – locking mechanism can fail to hold the blade in place.

More Info:

8. U-Haul trailer hitches recalled – weak steel could cause the parts to break.

More Info:

9. Tenpoint and Wiked Ridge crossbows recalled – can fire with safety on.

More Info:


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